Digital Signage

Enhance Your Business With Digital Screens

Our Digital Signage system presents the opportunity to deliver information and advertising in a dynamic multimedia format. It is eye-catching and engaging providing a superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs. The ability to change, update and schedule your messages with little cost or effort allows you total flexibility in your communications.

Digital Signage will enable you to target messages and get noticed, along with unparalleled opportunities to capture your audiences' attention, educate and inform your customers, build brands, and drive both sales and profitability. Bremner Visual provides a complete Digital Signage solution with easy and efficient management, appealing multimedia presentation, flexible and creative design, and low ownership cost.

Clubs and Pubs random raffle number generator for digital signage

Our digital signage based raffle management system drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing clear accountability for clubs and their associated charities. The system electronically captures every transaction while providing real-time raffle results to displays within the venue. Raffle draws are managed remotely with any mobile device with a web-browser.

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