Light Boxes

Our illuminated signage solutions ensure that your brand is working to be seen, all through the night while you are sleeping, giving you high quality 24 hour brand exposure.  Best of all, at Bremner Visual we choose to develop the greenest solutions, so you know you’re your illuminated signage is manufactured to the highest quality while reducing your electrical running costs. Whether you want shopfront light boxes, illuminated sky signage or fabricated letters with internal illumination, Bremner Visual can deliver the latest cutting edge solutions with the highest visibility for the lowest environmental impact.

There are a range of options available for illuminated signage

Shopfront light boxes hang outside your business and feature an illuminated face panel with evenly distributed internal lighting.  The light box ensures your shopfront signs are still readable after dark and they can be designed to incorporate multiple colours and graphics for maximum impact.

Fabricated letters with internal illumination: Each fabricated letter in the sign is made from long-lasting aluminium or acrylic and is filled with internal lights, providing a soft and evenly distributed glow of light.  This ensures they are easy to read and that customers can quickly distinguish whether your store is open or closed.

Illuminated Sky Signage: These signs are designed to be fully visible from a far distance, with a range of bright and glowing colours to attract attention.  The signs are a minimum of 10 metres wide and either filled with internal lighting or enhanced with back lighting, depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

Pylon signs: These signs are filled with LED lights to deliver 24 hour visibility, acting as wayfaring signs or roadside light boxes to help guide customers to your business.

Some of the benefits of illuminated signs include

  • You are expanding brand awareness and attracting new customers 24 hours a day
  • High impact brand messaging
  • Economical and environmentally friendly green technology, using low voltage LED lights and solar powered solutions
  • Timing sensors for efficient remote control
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Long lasting with minimal maintenance required

Ask our team to help you integrate illuminated signage into your advertising campaign today.