Environmental Responsibility

Bremner Visual is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our work across all of our activities. Motivated by a strong concern for the environmental impact of building fit-outs and signage installation, Bremner Visual has developed a systematic policy for minimising its environmental footprint. To this end, our environmental policy complies with all government environmental Acts and Regulations.

In line with our stated environmental objectives, Bremner Visual will

  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among all members, staff and contractors.
  • Promote the principles and practices of environmental responsibility by providing adequate information training instruction to staff and contractors.
  • Identify, monitor and report on community, legal and ethical environmental obligations.
  • Strive for environmental best practice.
  • Develop a balanced approach designed to meet the legal obligations of the company and its associated activities.
  • Develop site-specific environmental management plans and procedures.

Bremner Visuals’ environmental objectives are as stated below.

  • Co-operation with client and community groups in achieving environmental safety and protection.
  • Compliance with State and Federal environmental protection legislation.
  • Development of environmental procedures and plans to enable appropriate management of our systems.
  • Handling and disposal of hazardous and waste products in accordance with EPA regulations.
  • Proper and safe storage of all hazardous, liquid and toxic materials and waste.
  • Protection of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Housekeeping and material storage areas to be maintained to high standards at all times with refuse and stored materials not to be mixed.
  • Increased environmental awareness throughout all employees of Bremner Visual.
  • Adherence to all environmental protection procedures by employees of Bremner Visual.
  • Identification of responsibilities and allocation of adequate resources to achieve environmental goals.
  • Appropriate and immediate reaction byBremner Visual Management and Employees to any breaches of Environmental Protection Procedures.
  • Providing ongoing and appropriate environmental training to all employees, sub-contractors and others who work with us in regard to handling products and understanding appropriate requirements and technologies.
  • Communicating regularly and openly on the nature of our activities and reporting progress on environmental protection performance to staff and customers.