Glass/Window Graphics

Traditional frosted graphics are an understated and subtle form of advertising, softening your windows and adding some character to your shop front.  They are generally displayed as a promotional band across your windows featuring your company logo.  You also have the option to incorporate features such as unique designs such as flowers or product images.

Digital print advertising is a modern and versatile way to add eye-catching advertisements to your window display, with the added advantage of being able to remove and update your advertisements regularly. Digitally printed advertisements can be coloured or partially clear, and are printed on a wide range of materials such as vinyl, polyester and non-slip laminations which can cover wide dimension windows and are all easily removable.   Partially clear digital prints have the popular advantage of letting in the natural light without blocking the view.

One way vision window films have the triple benefit of bright vibrant advertisements to attract passing traffic, clear outlook from the inside so you can still enjoy the view and the bonus of total privacy, as passers-by cannot see into the office. This is a particularly good option for the doors and windows of buses as the clear view from the inside allows for full visibility while driving.

Etch vinyl is one of our more popular and most cost effective strategies for office or shop fronts. We frost your design onto your window, clearly promoting your business name and at the same time giving you privacy from the street, yet still providing natural light. Frosted vinyls also have the benefit of reducing heat by covering direct sunlight, although we can ensure the design incorporates enough clear space for you to retain your window view.

We also provide wall plaques, 3D lettering and digital displays to deliver a clear and consistent message to your customers and differentiate your company from the competition.

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