Pylon/Pole Signs

Draw Attention to Your Business With Pylon Signs

At up to 30 metres tall and approached from eye level, Pylon signs are amongst the largest and most striking forms of outdoor advertising. They are particularly effective in displaying your company logo outside your premises so passersby can locate your business from a distance.  They are also popular in large shopping centres, promoting each store location with pylon signage in a distinctive branded colour and logo, so customers can focus on the store they want within the confusion of a busy and crowded shopping area.

Some of the other important benefits of pylon signage are:

  • Durable long-lasting materials for maximum effect over the long-term
  • Illuminated at night with cost-effective and environmentally-friendly LED lights
  • Versatility of design, with room for plenty of information such as contact details and open hours.
  • Gives distinctive visibility to businesses on battle-axe blocks, in parking areas or on shopping strips
  • Cost-effective and flexible short term advertising options
  • Option for LED variable message sign for interactive content

As the innovative leaders of pylon signage, Bremner Visual can provide you with an endless range of creative options to ensure your pylon design attracts attention and clearly complements the colours and design of your existing logo and promotional material. You are welcome to view your product at any point during the manufacturing process.

Contact us today to discuss your pylon or pole signage needs.

Contact us to discuss your pylon or pole signage needs with our professional team today.